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March 2017
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Launch of Spy: Uncovering Craig Williamson by Jonathan Ancer

Wednesday, March 29th 2017 at 5:30 PM



Launch of Dancing the Death Drill by Fred Khumalo

Thursday, March 30th 2017 at 5:30 PM

fred khumalo
Be quiet and be calm, my countrymen, for what is taking place is exactly what you came to do… Brothers, we are drilling the death drill .’ – Reverend Isaac Wauchope Dyobha
Paris, 1958. A skirmish in a world-famous restaurant leaves two men dead and the restaurant staff baffled. Why did the head waiter, a man who’s been living in France for many years, lunge at his patrons with a knife?
As the man awaits trial, a journalist hounds his long-time friend, hoping to expose the true story behind this unprecedented act of violence.
Gradually, the extraordinary story of Pitso Motaung, a young South African who volunteered to serve with the Allies in the First World War, emerges. Through a tragic twist of fate, Pitso found himself on board the SS Mendi, a ship that sank off the Isle of Wight in February 1917. More than six hundred of his countrymen, mostly black soldiers, lost their lives in a catastrophe that official history largely forgot. One particularly cruel moment from that day will remain etched in Pitso’s mind, resurfacing decades later to devastating effect.
Dancing the Death Drill  recounts the life of Pitso Motaung. It is a personal and political tale that spans continents and generations, moving from the battlefields of the Boer War to the front lines in France and beyond. With a captivating blend of pathos and humour, Fred Khumalo brings to life a historical event, honouring both those who perished in the disaster and those who survived.


1001 South African Stories

Friday, March 31st 2017 at 5:30 PM

1001 SA Stories


Launch of Change by Jay Naidoo at Isivivana Centre

Monday, April 3rd 2017 at 4:00 PM



jay at isi


Launch of Change by Jay Naidoo

Tuesday, April 4th 2017 at 5:30 PM

jay naidoo
Unless there is significant change, the world is heading for an explosion. The growing gap between rich and poor is dangerous and unsustainable. The plundering of resources is damaging our planet. Something has to be done.
In this book, Jay Naidoo harnesses his experience as a labour union organiser, government minister, social entrepreneur and global thought leader, and explores ways of solving some of the world’s biggest problems. Drawing from his experiences in South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, Bangladesh and other countries, he presents a variety of options for ending poverty and global warming, with a focus on organising in our communities and building change from below and beyond borders.
Naidoo’s message is unequivocal: significant action must be taken immediately if we want future generations to live in a world that we take for granted today.


Launch of Asylum by Marcus Low

Wednesday, April 5th 2017 at 5:30 PM

marcus low new

Barry James is detained in a quarantine facility in the blistering heat of the Great Karoo. Here he exists in two worlds: the discordant and unforgiving reality of his incarceration and the lyrical, snowy landscapes of his dreams. He has cut all ties with his previous life, his health is failing, and he has given up all hope. All he has to cling to are the meanderings of his restless mind, the daily round of pills and the journals he reluctantly keeps as testimony to a life once lived.

And then there’s an opportunity to escape. But to escape what? And where to? Can there be a life to go back to? Is there still a world out there in the barren wasteland beyond the fence?

I was sitting in the train looking out at the falling snow. I knew then that I was not going home … I was going to an unknown place on a train full of unknown people. And even though I knew I would not be coming back, that the factories that whooshed by were instantly hundreds of kilometres behind us, that the train would not deliver us anywhere where we’d want to be, I still felt grateful for the snow, the impossible snow. For it seems to me that even in the most bleak of worlds we’ll find something to hold on to … even if that is something as impossible as snow in this god-forsaken wasteland.


Launch of Short Story Day Africa: Migrations

Monday, April 10th 2017 at 5:30 PM

SSDA migrations


Launch of Dreams, Betrayal & Hope by Mamphela Ramphele

Tuesday, April 11th 2017 at 5:30 PM

Mamphela Ramphele

Systematically since 1994 the ANC government has betrayed the dream of democracy. A dream that imagined equality, the end of poverty, a thriving economy, and a just and prosperous future for all. Most devastatingly this betrayal can be seen in the failure of educational institutions to develop the talents and skills of the young generations. The country needs to hope again. In this searing critique of what s gone wrong in the public and private sectors, Mamphela Ramphele turns to the tenets of black consciousness and argues for an emotional settlement to heal the trauma of colonialism and apartheid that still ravages both black and white communities. Emotional settlement would unlock empathy for others and unleash the potential of all citizens to work together for a socio-economic settlement to promote social justice and equality for all. It is time, she says, to re imagine the country and its future. We owe this to our children s children. We dare not fail.


Launch of Fatima Meer: Memories of Love and Struggle edited by Shamim Meer

Wednesday, April 12th 2017 at 5:30 PM

fatima meer

At just 17, Fatima Meer threw herself into resisting racism, her first public act of defiance in a long and pioneering political life. Despite assassination attempts, she persevered on the courageous path she had chosen.

In this intimate memoir, Fatima Meer shares her story of growing up and of love, joy, longing and loss. As Meer open-heartedly reflects on her regrets as well as her triumphs, an enchanting tale emerges of a rebellious, revolutionary woman who never shied away from the truth.


Book Blogger and Bookstagrammer Meet Up

Saturday, April 29th 2017 at 2:00 PM


Our first meet up was such a great success that we decided it would only be fitting to do it all again!

We’re calling all Cape Town’s bibliophiles, whether you’re a Book Blogger, Bookstagrammer, BookTuber or even just a literature enthusiast!

There’s nothing better than getting together as a bookish community and we want to do so with all of you.

So join us at the Book Lounge on Saturday the 29th of April from 2-4pm. There will be tea and coffee and loads of bookish discussions. Come along, make a couple of new friends, and share some neat bookish ideas!
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