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Pre-order special – ‘From Bacteria to Bach & Back’ by Daniel C. Dennett

Saturday, April 1st 2017

From Bacteria to Bach and Back: The Evolution of Minds by Daniel Dennett
Image result for from bacteria to bach and back‘One of the world’s most original and provocative thinkers’ Daily Telegraph

What is human consciousness and how is it possible? These questions fascinate thinking people from poets and painters to physicists, psychologists, and philosophers.

This is Daniel C. Dennett’s brilliant answer, extending perspectives from his earlier work in surprising directions, exploring the deep interactions of evolution, brains and human culture. Part philosophical whodunnit, part bold scientific conjecture, Dennett shows how culture enables reflection by installing a profusion of thinking tools, or memes, in our brains, and how language turbocharges this process. The result: a mind that can comprehend the questions it poses, has emerged from a process of cultural evolution. From Bacteria to Bach and Back is essential for anyone who hopes to understand human creativity in all its applications.

The book retails at R570, but if you order and pay before publication of 1st April 2017, you will get a 20% discount and pay only R456! To order email us on or call 021 462 2425.

Published by Penguin Random House